Simple Drop-Technique

Our last topic covered the Drop Shot-When & Why. This piece will focus on the Simple Drop Technique from the different areas of the court. In an interview after a match former world champion Jonathan Power was asked how many drops do you have in the front corner-I believe he answered six and it could be argued that he had more-and that’s just the front corners. There are many techniques of hitting drops involving incredible deception that will not be covered in this piece; here we will focus on the basic technique behind the simple drops from comfortable situations in each of the four sections of the court that will improve disguise, accuracy and consistency.

Front Court Simple Drop

Front Court & Mid Side Court

Prepare racquet first-move to ball-land your lunge comfortably heal to toe.

As you start your transition of weight back to T-play drop-this prevents your forward momentum from adding more energy to the ball that is difficult to control.

Very important that you are able to recover from your lunge with balance and speed.

Back Court

From a stable stance hit ball at the top of the bounce

Hit ball low and crisp-do not float the ball to the front

Movement must be forward towards the T with the follow-through as opponents response will likely be a counter-drop

Center Mid Court

Most important Prepare Racquet First-wrist sets and racquet head leads the way back

Feet comfortable athletic distance apart-many players stand too tall-feet should be far enough apart that eyes are nearing the level of the ball allowing you to sight the ball and your front wall target

Take you time here and your space-you may get a stroke if you are interfered with

Shoulders are turned-hips level & square to front (toes angled more to front wall than side wall)-this allows for easy play of both straight and cross court drop with disguise and balance

Practice and master this Simple Drop Technique-and you will build your confidence in your ability to move your opponent into the front corners of the court.

Next month we can discuss in more depth racquet speed, spin, and swing path on drops from the middle and front court that can take help limit tins and maximize winners!