Adult Program Overview

New to the game of squash, or new to the Chatham Club:

The professional squash staff will have you playing squash immediately.  They can help you find new opponents, give advice on appropriate equipment, and suggest which round robins, leagues, tournaments or classes you might attend.  Please contact any of the professionals if you have any squash questions.

Adult Instruction:
Squash workshops and private lessons are available evenings, and weekends.  See the schedule for details on which level class would be best for you.

Round Robins (Ages 18 & up):
The weekly club round robins are a great way to get hassle free matches.  No need to find an opponent or book a court; just phone the club and sign up in advance for the appropriate round robin.  See the schedule for round robin times and levels.  Just show up, play squash and sweat.  Saturday/Sunday mornings from 9:00-11:00 are our most popular round robins.

Club Open Ladder:
The Chatham Club Open Ladder is an on going annual ladder that allows players to challenge a player up to ten positions ahead of them on the ladder. As many as three active challenges at a time. Challenges must be played within 14 days or they default to the challenger. Rematches are allowed after 14 days. Sign up, challenge and record results on the club ladder page here:

More details on creating your account and ladder rules

The Pro Shop:
Here you will find top quality squash equipment at internet prices.  Get professional advice before you buy, and test the latest and greatest racquets for yourself.  We match mail on line prices-plus shipping for our members.

Chatham Club Winter Tournament March 21-23-ENTER NOW
Club Championships (Date TBD)or the Chatham Club Winter Tournament .

Book A Lesson:

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