Junior Round Robins

If you have not all ready filled out the appropriate junior participation forms you must fill out and leave at the front desk prior to your child competing in any Club Round Robins.

Junior Participation Forms

Junior SuperSeries Friday Night Round Robins
Fridays 6:00-7:00

Superseries Friday evening tournament socials will prepare our juniors the experience necessary to participate in US Squash Bronze level tournaments
Pros will organize various formats of mini-tournaments and competitive matches each Friday evening from 6:00-7:00 (Teams IA & Teams IIB)

Cost $45.- Members $55.- Non-Members
Email Pancho@MitchellSquash.com to register

Elite Junior Weekend Round Robins & Fitness
Sat/Sun 3:30-5:00

Weekend Round Robin and Fitness sessions are limited to players with US Squash ratings of 4.0 and higher.  These RR’s will provide experienced tournament playing juniors with competitive practice time ending with a group fitness sessions.

Cost $45.- Members $55 Non-Members
Email Aqib@MitchellSquash.com to register

*Please register by emailing the appropriate pro at least one day prior to the RR date