Program Lesson Rates

Current Squash Program Lesson Rates

45 minutes per/person:

Squash Instructor Member Private Non-Member Private Member Semi(2 or 3) Non-Member Semi(2 or 3)
Geoff Mitchell (Head Professional) $122 $144 $92 $112
Pancho Lalama $112 $132 $82 $102
Luke Snyder $112 $132 $82 $102

*Lessons not paid for at the time of service will be billed to credit cards on file the same day.
*All lessons must be cancelled 24-hours in advance. Otherwise, the full amount will be charged.

Junior SuperSeries RR Match Training Sessions

$45/session 1.5 hours

Tournament Schedule & Coaching Fees:
The professional coaches will attend various events throughout the squash season.

Tournament Coaching Rates

Geoff Mitchell $150/match

Expenses:  Meals/travel/hotel split with other all coached tournament players

*All coaching fees will be billed to credit cards on file on the Monday following the event.

All Premier and Elite team athletes will be charged coaching fees at these events–Elite/Premier players are expected to play in as many of the coached events as possible.¬† Program juniors can not be professionally coached when playing each other except by parents or other juniors.