Club Internal Squash Ladder

The Chatham Club Open Ladder is an annual ladder that allows players to challenge a player up to ten positions ahead of them on the ladder. As many as three active challenges at a time. Challenges must be played within 14 days or they default to the challenger. Rematches are allowed after 14 days. Sign up, challenge and record results on the club ladder page here

Only full gold club members may join the ladders. The ladders will use the US Squash Club Locker system ( You will need to have a US Squash account to participate, the account is free and requires only a brief registration with US Squash. The Club Locker system is simple, fully automated, web/mobile accessible and integrates with US Squash’s rankings system.
If you already have an account:
  • Login
  • Go to the ‘Club Squash’ tab on your profile page – this will show your current ranking on the squash ladder
  • Make sure your account shows The Chatham Club as your home club.
To create an account:
  • Go to US Squash
  • Click on ‘My Account’
  • Click on ‘Create Account’
  • Designate The Chatham Club as your home club.
If you have any questions about the ladders or wish to join, please contact Pancho.

 The ladders are intended to give players the basic structure on which to contact other members and have some fun games. The rules are intended as a guide; please use your own judgment and enjoy your matches. All participants in a ladder agree to abide by the Club Ladder Rules as published from time to time.

1. The Pro Staff will set up the initial ranking of the players on the ladder.
2. It is up to the challenger to make contact with their opponent. You may challenge anyone else on the ladder, up to and including 10 positions above you.
3. Each player is expected to play at least one match within every 4-week interval, otherwise he or she will be subject to being dropped 2 positions on the ladder. The Player in the No. 1 overall ladder positon is exempt from this requirement as the leader is not required to challenge others.
4. A player who is challenged must agree to a match with the challenger no later than two weeks after the challenge has been made unless:
a. The challenged player already has 3 other matches to play or has played 4 matches in a calendar month; 
b. The challenged player is unable to play due to injury, holiday etc.; or c. The two players cannot mutually agree on a date and time for a match.   Any unresolved challenge scheduling issues or conflicts will be resolved by Pancho.
5. The challenger is responsible for providing a new squash ball (Dunlop Double Yellow Dot) for the match.
6. It is the responsibility of the winner of the match to report the score via the US Squash Club Locker system. Please see the following infographic on details of how to do this.
7. The time of the match should be mutually agreed to by both players. Therefore, if either party is more than 15 minutes late in attending an agreed match, then the late or non-attender loses the match (unless sufficient reason is provided or as otherwise agreed to by both players).
a. If the winner has the higher position, there is no change.
b. If the winner has the lower position, he or she takes over the higher position. The loser and all others below the winner move down one position. The calculation is based on the position of the two players when the match is recorded, not those at the time the challenge is made. It is possible that the positions of the players may have changed during the interval between the challenge date and the actual match. Please observe good sportsmanship and play your match even if you find your respective positions have changed.
Matches will consist of the best of 5 games. Standard point per rally scoring to 11 points and players must win by 2 points.