Round Robins

The professional squash staff will have you playing squash immediately.  They can help you find new opponents, give advice on appropriate equipment, and suggest which round robins, leagues, tournaments or classes you might attend.  Please contact any of the pros if you have any squash questions.

The weekly club round robins are a great way to get hassle free matches for gold members ages 18 and up.  No need to find an opponent or book a court.  See the schedule for round robin times and levels.  Just show up and play squash and sweat.

  • Scoring system 1 game to 11 Par system
  • No one waiting then continue
  • One person is waiting then winner stay on
  • Two people waiting then both players switch
Breakfast Club: Monday-Friday
Not a formal round robin, but if you’re interested in playing squash before work just get up early and you’ll find plenty of enthusiasts to hit with.  Playing levels D-B
Lunch Club: Monday-Thursday   11:00-12:00 All levels welcome usually D/C level.
Weekenders Saturday-Sunday
The most attended round robins.  Playing levels D-B, ages 18+.  All levels are welcome to come and play-often our pro’s will join in for the fun. 
Sunday B 3:00-4:30 Playing level B