Special Events & Tournaments

Please contact us if you would like to participate in, contribute to, or volunteer with any of these events.  What follows is a brief description of our events–dates and times as well as additional events can be found on the club calendar.

Friendly Matches:

Age Vs. Beauty
Great fun matches where our experienced player of all ages take on our talented youth–one day you’ll be able to say I beat ? when they were ? years old.  Check the Squash Calendar for dates & time.  To register for these events please contact Geoff@MitchellSquash.com.

Battle Of the Sexes
Represent your gender in a friendly match.  Check the Squash Calendar for dates & time.  To register for these events please contact Geoff@MitchellSquash.com.

Adult Matches
Represent your club in a friendly match against another squash club.  These matches usually run for 1-2 hours.  Check the Squash Calendar for dates & time.  To register for these events please contact Geoff@MitchellSquash.com.

Junior Matches
Represent your program in a friendly match against juniors from another squash program.  These matches usually run for 1-2 hours Saturday or Sunday.  Check the Squash Calendar for dates & time. To register for these events please contact Geoff@MitchellSquash.com.

Junior SuperSeries
MitchellSquash Friday Evening Junior Superseries Tournaments
These one day events on Fridays from 6:00-7:30 pm are open to all junior members ages 8-16 (Teams IIB, Premier and Elite). Various fun competitive formats will be run and–this will be fun and competitive. The superseries will consist of Friday evening events throughout the season with points for division winners and prizes awarded at the Junior Awards Banquet at the end of the season . This will provide our top elite nationally ranked juniors convenient competitive match play and our newest and youngest players a chance to compete in their first tournaments.  Cost $45/event will be billed to member accounts.

Register prior to each Superseries Event by emailing Pancho@MitchellSquash.com

Chatham Silver Junior Tournament (1st weekend in October)
This is a junior tournament for players who were not ranked in the top 32 the previous season.  This is a perfect event for players who are playing their first junior squash tournament.  We encourage all our juniors in our program to participate in this event.  If you have questions concerning junior tournament play please discuss this with your child’s instructor.

Chatham Club Championships (1st weekend in November)
This is an event open to all club members.  Divisions may include A, B, C & D, 50+, Womens & Juniors–Divisions will depend upon entries.  This is a fun Saturday event and a great way to meet other members.  Prizes will include month memberships and pro-shop credits.  To register please contact Geoff@MitchellSquash.com

Eye Care 20/20 Pro/Am (1st weekend in December)
The EyeCare 20/20 is the largest adult event of the season and this will be its 9th. year.  The tournament is held the first weekend in December.  Dr. Cary Silverman of EyeCare 20/20 and James Laird of Restaurant Serenade are our main sponsors.  The event has grown dramatically over the past years and is now a premier adult squash tournament. Restaurant Serenade will provide a wonderful brunch during the final matches Sunday at 12:00.  Juniors may compete in the event.  Viewing of the finals on Sunday is open to all Chatham Club members and tournament participants.

Sy Perkins Junior Tournament (TBD)

The Sy Perkins Junior Tournament has been played in NJ for over 30 years now.  The Sy Perkins has been a premier junior squash event on the USSRA calendar for two decades.  You will witness our top juniors competing against other top nationally ranked juniors from all over the country.  Each year we can expect as many as 60 young athletes to compete in this prestigious event.  Each year many generous volunteers make this event possible–if you would like to help in any way please email Geoff Mitchell.

Junior Awards Banquet

Each year we come together to celebrate our students accomplishments and hard work.  This years banquet will take place Sunday 7th. at Fairmount CC.
All juniors and their families who have taken part in any of our class sessions throughout the season are invited to attend.  To attend this year’s banquet please RSVP by May 1st.
Banquet RSVP