I would like to thank the following squash coaches, touring professionals and players from all corners of the world who have passed through our doors and have influenced the growth, culture and quality of our squash program over the past 25 years.

Geoff Mitchell


Full Time Squash Assistant Professionals

Victoria Hoyt (USA)                                       Nigel Thain (CAN)

Johnny Wilson (CAN)                                   Jamie King (USA)

Pat Cosquer (USA)                                        Sharon Bradey (AUS)

Ian Brown (JAM)                                           Melissa Lue Yen (JAM)

Chandy Bramwel (JAM)                               Attila Agh (HUN)

Gloria Alkhateeb (JOR)                                 Andrew Kriete (USA)

Wendy Maitland Jones (SCO)                      Kevin Brennan (USA)

Sunny Seth (GUY)                                         Aqib Hanif (PAK)


Visiting Squash Professionals/Amateurs

Sarah Fitz-Gerald (AUS)                               Jahengir Khan (PAK)

Mike Way (CAN)                                           Julian Illingsworth (USA)

Chris Gordon (USA)                                      Shahier Razik (CAN)

Garry Waite (CAN)                                        Mark Krajcsak (HUN)

Ahmed Abdel Khalek (EGY)                        Ahmed Hatata (EGY)