“Get Back to where you once belonged”


Many players will strike a ball and then either pose, or straighten up in the very spot that they just played from.  And then only as a second thought start moving back to the T.  This movement causes two problems.  First, you are now giving up on 25% of the court (you’re standing in it) in which to choose to attack.  If you do choose to play to the area you are standing in you are vulnerable to stroke calls against you.  Second, you will find it impossible to recover to the T even under the slightest pressure.  If you do start to move back to the T you are likely to still be moving when your opponent attacks-and this is not good.

The moment, or split second after you strike the ball–even if you think that you’ve hit a shot your opponent has no chance of retrieving–pull back towards the T. This change in direction must start happening with your follow-through. Picture a bungie cord attached to your bottom and anchored to the T; the further your opponent pulls you from the T the faster the bungie cords snaps you back to where you belong.

Your ultimate movement goals should be get to the T before your opponents hits their shot and get to the ball before your opponent gets to the T-accomplish this and you’ll be in charge!